While most people are cozying up for the holiday season, you could be out finding your dream home. Spring is a popular time to sell, which means you can beat the rush and get your dream home for less money. Winter home buying may be the right move for you. Although the chilly weather may have you reaching for a blanket and Netflix, read three reasons why you should be reaching for your phone to call Michelle instead:

Serious Sellers

When selling in the winter, sellers are usually ready to, well, sell. Since sellers are more motivated to sell, buyers have more negotiating power and can get a better price on the home. There are also fewer buyers, so sellers are more likely to actually consider your lower offer.

Savvy Shopping

November to February tends to be less competitive in number of other buyers. While everyone is settled in for the new year and waiting for spring, this is a great opportunity to negotiate a lower price. Buyers also tend to pay about $3000 less than the average premium in December and January, according to Zillow.

Speedy Service

During the spring and start of summer, everyone from real estate agents to title companies are swamped. In the winter months, however, business slows down. This means there tends to be fewer delays in the process. The slow season also means buyers can get more attention.

Bonus: Sales for Decking Out Your New Home

Winter home winterdecorationsbuying provides a great chance to catch the best sales to deck your new house. Here are the best monthly sales according to LifeHacker:

December – Television & Electronics

January – Carpeting, Furniture, Linens

February – Television & Home Theaters


With no snow and daytime temperatures averaging 64°F, winter is the perfect time to shop for your sunny Tucson house. Call or text Michelle today at (520) 991-6234 to find your dream home!