Getting ready to move is never fun, but planning ahead can save you some grief. Here are some easy ideas to help you get ready for your big move.

Pre-Packingmoving tips

Go through your belongings to determine if anything can be sold at a garage sale or donated to charity. This will save you time and money when you actually start packing. Eliminating unnecessary items will create fewer boxes to pack, which will also reduce the cost for your move if you are using a moving company.

Strong Containers/Boxes

Use strong containers that can be tightly secured with tape or twine. You can usually purchase these from a moving or shipping company. You may also try asking your local grocery store for boxes.

Labelingmoving tips

Make sure you clearly label each box and identify its contents. Also, number your boxes and keep a list of what it contains and whatroom it belongs in. This will allow you to make sure all of your boxes were received upon delivery, and will make unpacking faster and easier.


Cushion contents with packing materials or newspaper to prevent breakage. Towels and cloth napkins are great for wrapping more fragile items. Glass pack boxes are available if you prefer. Be sure to label boxes containing glassware with ‘Fragile’.


Don’t load more than 50 pounds into any one box, and make sure that the weight moving tipsis evenly distributed. It may seem convenient to fill up your boxes to the brim, but your back will thank you later if you pack lighter boxes. Books are the easiest to over-pack since they are small and deceptively heavy; consider packing them into a suitcase. The wheels will make it much easier to move.


Have your rugs and drapes cleaned before moving so you can move them in their wrappings for easier handling.


Carry all valuables with you. Don’t pack your jewelry, important documents, or anything else that would be difficult to replace such as pictures or home videos.

Change of Address

There is always somebody that you forgot! Use HomeSmart’s Moving Checklist to assist you in making sure you didn’t leave a business, utility company, or associate out of the loop.


Once you have done your pre-moving preparations, moving day will be much less stressful and unpacking will be much easier as well. With this extra organization, you will be enjoying your new home in no time flat!