There are so many aspects of selling your house that real estate photography probably isn’t the first thing popping into your mind, but it is essential when selling a home quickly and for top dollar. The fact is professional real estate photography is a must. Did you know buyers spend 60% of their time looking at a listing’s photos?

Bad photos of your house can damage a potential buyer’s perceived value of your home. Even the most gorgeous homes can look average when photos are not bad front of home photoprofessional. For the purpose of this blog, we do not consider photos taken by an agent or on a cell phone ‘professional’. Even fairly good exterior shots can be tainted by mistakes such as the dirty camera lens in this example here; a professional would not let this happen!

92% of Home Buyers Search Online

Listing photos are essential to making a stellar first impression. Most Zillow traffic for a listing is generated within the first week of it being posted. Listings with professional photos receive an average of 139% more clicks than their non-professional counterparts.

blurry bad pool photoIf buyers don’t see pictures that ‘wow’ them, they move on or think the house is priced too high. Did you know that listings that use ‘point-and-shoot’ pictures sell for less money? To maximize your sales price and sell your home promptly, you must have professional shots.

Online Photos May Never Go Away

Many Real Estate websites keep all photos of an address, so old photos still show up even if you upload new photos. Posting with bad photos can kill opportunities, plain and simple. If the photos buyers see online don’t impress them, it is likely that they will not give the house a chance in-person. If they do tour the home, they may have a negative attitude or preconceived notions before they step foot in the door.

Even if you post new, better-looking photos of the house, the original photos can still show up on the online listing sites, especially MLS. As a potential buyer gets toward the end of the new photos you posted, they may see previous sets of photos. This is why it is so essential to have professional Real Estate photos be your first and only listing photos – assuming your house was never listed side by side

Buyers Make Emotional Decisions

Potential buyers are initially drawn to a home through photos, and their emotions start there. When a homebuyer sees a beautiful photo of a home, they can picture themselves living there. They get excited about the idea of living there, even. Alternatively, when a buyer sees a photo that is average (or worse), it turns them off of the house. Listings with professional photography sell 32% faster, and it is easy to see why. Consider which of these before and after examples would excite you to buy this room side by side

Professional Photography Creates Value

Point-and-shoot deteriorates value. The bottom line is that average photos will lead to a slower, less profitable sale. Professional photography is absolutely essential to getting the best price for your home in a timely manner. When you work with Michelle Bakarich, you know you will always have the best photos and thus the highest perceived value for your home.

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