What to Avoid when Choosing a REALTOR


Choosing the right Real Estate Agent is one of the most important factors in successfully buying or selling a home. Yet, this is often one of the hastiest steps home Buyers and Sellers make! It can be easy to get “woo’d” by an Agent, but finding the best Agent should be about building a long-term trusting relationship. If it doesn’t feel right from the beginning, chances are it won’t get better.

To start your search, take a look at online reviews and seek out recommendations from people you trust. When interviewing Agents, be confident in asking how often you will be communicating and how. Also ask how many homes she or he has sold in your area, and any other qualifying questions that will build your confidence and trust.

As a Seller, be sure to ask how your home will be marketed (including photography and marketing mediums). Find out who the ideal Buyer is, and how your Agent will get that audience into your home. As a Buyer, make sure the Agent is experienced in your situation. For example, overseas moves or VA loans require an extra level of knowledge that not all Agents have.

To ensure a great Real Estate experience, watch for these 6 red flags:

The Agent is a poor negotiator or is not detail-oriented.
Getting the best deal for your home and making sure all aspects of the transaction go smoothly should fall to your REALTOR®, not you. Having excellent relationships with Inspectors/Lenders/Escrow teams, keeping up with all the details, and staying ahead of the game can all seriously impact the speed and smoothness of the transaction.

The Agent doesn’t specialize in your area.
Knowledge is very location-specific, especially in Southern Arizona. If an Agent is less familiar with your part of town, you may not get the most ‘bang for your buck’. Make sure your Agent is an expert in your area to have the best experience.

The Agent is part time.
Real Estate is really a full-time job. Whether it be finding the perfect house and submitting an offer before anyone else does or being available to show your home anytime to prospective Buyers, a full-time Agent will be much more effective and reliable.

The Agent is inexperienced in your particular situation.
Whether it be a remote relocation, a specialized loan type, or any other non-traditional situation, your Agent should be well versed. An Agent with experience will be able to provide you the best experience and overall highest level of service.

Real Estate is 24/7 and never stops – not for nights, weekends or even holidays!

Michelle Bakarich

The Agent is difficult to get ahold of.
Real Estate is 24/7 and never stops – not for nights, weekends or even holidays! This means your Agent should be solid with timeliness and the effectiveness of his or her communications. Often Real Estate is extremely time sensitive, so you should find an Agent that has a team and can be flexible with your needs.

The Agent is a friend of a friend or relative.
There can be a lot of time-pressure and intricate details that go into the sale or purchase of a home. Don’t let the stress of the situation taint your personal relationships. Pick a professional who is a local expert and leave the details to them.

If you are ready to buy or sell, be sure to choose the best Agent for you. For the top Real Estate expert in Tucson and the surrounding communities, call Michelle at 520-991-6234.