As exciting as moving into a new house is, the actual process is a lot of work and is overall exhausting. Whether you have lived in your current house for two years or twenty, you likely have a ton of stuff to go through and either pack, donate, or sell. In the midst of all of this chaos, you definitely deserve a little break with a housecooling party. Why wait for a housewarming party to have fun?

Everyone knows that a housewarming party is your chance to gracefully show off your new place. You are moved in and your decorations are Martha Stewart perfect. Imagine the exact opposite of this, and there you have it – a housecooling party.

What is a housecooling party?friends

A housecooling party takes place amidst the chaos of your move, while you are still in your ‘old’ house or apartment. It is the perfect chance to relax from your endless packing and just enjoy your place one last time.

Why do I need to have a housecooling party?

First of all, housecooling parties are the greatest. Since you are moving, your friends fully expect a mess of moving boxes and miscellaneous items all over the house. No need to vacuum and dust every inch of the house – just relax and enjoy the company. If that isn’t all the convincing you need, here are a few more reasons:

Good Memories

This is the perfect opportunity to reminisce about all of the good memories you have had in your house. And while you are reminiscing, you are also creating some amazing last memories in that house, too. Don’t let your last memory be of boxes and stress.

foodClear The Pantry

You have probably heardthat you should start eating out of your pantry and freezer a few months before moving, but you never knew it would be this hard to go through it all. Housecooling party to the rescue! Use up those stray bottles of wine and the freezer bags of hors d’oeuvres with your friends by your side.


While your friends are over, you may just find yourself having a tag sale in your own living room. That bookshelf you were going to list on Craigslist is suddenly claimed, and that sofa that you used to love (but just doesn’t work in the new house) is sold too. Avoid the Craigslist hassle and let your friends do the work for you.

How do I host a housecooling party?

If you are ready for a housecooling party but are missing a few things (like, say, a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of your house), then you are in the right place. Call Michelle at 520.991.6234 and ask her about sponsoring YOUR housecooling party!